Challenge Runs - Rudra No Hihou Low Level


Face Mitra with the lowest cumulative party levels (estimating this’ll be 60ish/5/1/1 for the final scenario), only using base mantras through the entirety of the playthrough (no word combination).

Since there is no way to really avoid gaining experience, this will be achieved by - killing off all but one characters at the end of all mandatory fights (to have one character absorb all of the experience), and then letting Dune get all experience during the final scenario (since he joins at level 50 already no matter what).


Why not play using the english patch?

While the english patch is extremely good quality-wise, it adds a small unintended side-effect in battle. Basically, everytime an enemy uses a skill, its speed stat (its technically a speed boost byte) gets overwritten by a value corresponding to the used skill. This makes fights very unpredictable since the speed of enemies can change wildly on every turn, and turns speed into a shaky, unreliable stat that kills off many strategies in the game, specially when you need them the most - against scary boss fights on a low-level challenge. One of the many aspects about this game that I love is how you can have great control over your turn order to pull off strats and better control the flow of battle, and unfortunately this glitch really hinders that. This is really the main reason why I prefer using the original version for this kind of stuff.

Base Mantras

A base mantra is considered as one that's composed by a single "word", as defined by the in-game dictionary. I know this can be hard to explain/prove but bear with me here.

As an example, the mantra ZERO is a base word, which translates to "16 power, magic defense down to one enemy". However, adding prefixes or suffixes to this mantra (such as PIKUGAZERO or ZEROHEGU) will turn it into a complex mantra, which is usually stronger and/or more MP efficient than its base counterpart.

Complex mantras can be really strong and efficient, taking away a lot of the challenge from a low-level challenge run, which is why I decided to add "base mantras only" as an additional restriction to this challenge.

Some of the most useful mantras for this challenge:

General Tips

Sion's Scenario

Experience Sponge: Ture